Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar: What’s the difference?

Acoustic and Electric guitars are the most basic type of guitars. The basic and the most important difference between these two is that the acoustic cannot be amplified, but the electric guitars can be. Before getting into more differences, let us take a look at the similarities.

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  • Both come with six strings, usually.
  • The long neck is divided into sections called ‘frets.’
  • Both are tuned with tuning pegs.

Electric guitars were introduced back in the 1920s. These guitars are the most popular worldwide. Acoustic guitars have a hollow air cavity, unlike electric guitars that use transducers. The transducers are also known as pickups. These pickups are made up of bar magnets and are wrapped in fine wire.

As a beginner, it is common to think about what kind of starting with. And, you also may have heard a lot of suggestions and advice regarding the same. However, buying a guitar needs only one primary thought: What kind of music do I want to learn?

The type of music you like plays an important role as it will help you decide what type of guitar you should buy for yourself.  Now, let us get into the differences determined by the following factors:

Size: Acoustic guitars are bulky and bigger in comparison to electric guitars. On the other hand, electric guitars are easier to hold. The strings also tend to feel softer.

Lap Comfort: Here, the build plays an important role. Electric guitars, as mentioned earlier, feel comfortable on the lap as it has a slim body. However, if you are an expert, the difference won’t matter to you much till you can get your work done.

Playability of the Finger: Nylon-string guitars, also known as classical guitars, feel soft on the fingers. The tension in the string is lower, and one wouldn’t have to press hard while trying to play a note. Unlike electric guitars with their nylon strings, steel-string acoustic guitars might cause significant discomfort. However, you must not buy a guitar solely based on the fact that it might feel better on your fingers.

Music You want to Play: You can play any kind of music on any guitar if you want. But every guitar is undoubtedly best suited for a particular kind of music. To come to a conclusion as a buyer, it is recommended that you watch live versions of the songs you like, and you will have a fair idea of the guitars they are using for a particular song.

Budget: Acoustic guitars are not hard on your pocket. Not only are they cost-effective, but you also need only a few accessories for them. An acoustic guitar usually comes with a case, tuner, spare strings, and guitar picks. Electric guitars are fairly expensive, and so are their accessories. An electric guitar needs an amp, guitar lead, picks, and a tuner. Though the accessories are not big in number, they will surely make you increase your budget.

How to Figure Out Which Type is Best for a Particular Music Genre?

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If you are someone who is inclined towards folk, bluegrass, country, acoustic, singer-songwriters, there is a high chance of your liking an acoustic guitar if you are someone who has a taste for rock music, metal, punk, and blues.

Moving on from the acoustic vs. electric guitar discussion, let us take a look at the acoustic-electric guitars. These guitars are built like acoustic ones but have electronic components. How do acoustic-electric guitars help musicians? These guitars are the best when someone needs the acoustic tone, but the complementary instruments are in need of being amplified.

Final Takeaway

More than taking advice on what kind of guitar you should start learning on, know what do you want to learn exactly and begin with what’s comfortable for you.

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