Best Acoustic Guitars Under 10000 in India

Acoustic guitars have been getting a good position in this music world, among other musical instruments. This has always been able to fulfill one of those bare minimum demands of the beginners who have just started off their journey. Playing guitars and exploring new methods and techniques had benefited a lot of learners, but a fair price range has always been there on the bucket list.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 10000


Getting good deals at an affordable price range can be anybody’s prior motives since music had always spread its melodious wings for everyone, especially it pays utmost concern towards people’s passion and love. So, in order to present some attractive deals for music lovers, here goes some of the best deals on acoustic guitars in an affordable price range; you can grab it or recommend it.

Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars to Buy Under 10000

1) Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

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Yamaha is a big brand name when it comes to musical instruments; before guitar, It’s always taken some upper hand while producing keyboards and other musical essentials. When we talk about this particular model, the first thing that blows our mind is the guitar is one of those rare exclusive products, which was solely manufactured in India.

Good quality tonewood has been used in this product, for top material buyers are getting spruce plywood, whereas, for both body and neck material, rosewood has been used. Apart from that rosewood fingerboard, glass top specifications, matt finish texture on both sides, and back are also giving it a furnished look.

Colour comes in a natural tone, like those organic models of the music industry with a steel made string material with an overall length of 40.3 inches, the length of the lower part is around 16 inches while the size of the upper part is approximately 11.5 inches, and the width is around 4.2 inches. Scale length is about 25.1 inches, like all those previously used various products.

  • Better string spacing
  • Locally available good tonewoods have been used.
  • It’s a lot cheaper than all other market products.
  • Right dimensions, better durability at a beautiful price range.

  • Thick neck product users might find some difficulties.

2) Kadence Acoustica Semi Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Guitar Acoustica Series, Electric Acoustic Guitar, Zebra Wood with Pickup, Inbuilt tuner and Bag (Zebra Wood, Electro Acoustic)

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The first and foremost attraction that this product grabs is nothing but the bag that the buyers are gonna get along with it. Another good thing about this product is the zebrawood combination. Fretboard material comes in rosewood variation with 21 frets and six strings. Other exciting specifications are zebrawood and walnut combination both in the back and side, also the mahogany neck feature.

Finely made sound hole arranged with a decent pearl acryl rosette with a whole-body furnished natural wooden matt finish royal outlook. A perfect rosewood bridge for balanced channelization of vibration of strings that get spread to the body and to the neck itself, the product comes with a strap. It provides a pleasant experience of sound echo.

  • It comes with a padded bag.
  • Durable Kadence bronze strings, right strings quality.
  • It can be a good option for beginners.
  • They manufactured grooved keys.
  • Glossy exterior texture.

  • No tuner included.

3) Hertz HZR-3801 E Acoustic Guitar


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This model combines both style and a good musical experience. Equipped with six strings, with a 3-grade equalizer feature, for both fingerboard and bridge rosewood has been used.

Does zero compromise while providing superior quality of sound. Neither less to say, one of the best acoustic guitars you can find within the same price range.

  • Nikeel ivoried tuners.
  • No batteries are required.
  • Glossy outlook.
  • The sound quality is outstanding.

  • Might cause some difficulties in the neck strap area.

4) Hertz HZA-4001ET Acoustic Guitar


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Currently available one of those best products in the market. Linden surface; back and side safely featured.

Both for fingerboard and bridge rosewood have been used, with chrome inlays: tree of life added tuners and six strings specifications.

  • Glossy finish.
  • Ideal for youngsters.
  • Superior sound quality

  • The fibre body is not available.

5) Kadence Frontier Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series, Acoustic Guitar With/Wihtout EQ Die Cast Keys Combo (Bag,strap,strings and 3 picks) (Brown, Acoustic)

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Kadence has been producing good musical instruments for a long while now. Now it’s come up with a frontier series of guitars with a whole new range of vibrant colors with a whole new level of durability. For both body and neck, spruce wood has been used; while rosewood has been used for the fretboard material, pure stainless steel has been used for the existing six strings.

For Bridge rosewood has been used, the echo producing Mechanism is too damn high.

  • They are ideally made for youngsters.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Various colour options are available.
  • The attached bags and strings are available too.

  • Professionalism technicalities need to be upgraded.


GUITAR BRO - COMBO (Black Acoustic Guitar for Beginner, Guitar Learning Kit, Song Book, Video Lectures, Accessories like Pick, Bag)

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Music enthusiasts who were looking for an excellent opportunity for learning the basics of guitar tutorials, and could not find something reliable, Here’s a big deal for all of you, grab it; guitar bro combo is basically meant for the beginners who want to pursue music, bags, tutorials, video clippings all are being sold at an exceptionally budget-friendly rate.

Semi-acoustic furnished guitars in black, brown, and blue colours. From book to 20 mins video tutorial to the assurance of always reaching out to the guitar bro team, all is being brought up by this linded wood product. A self-learning kit is also being provided.

  • The best item for beginners.
  • A self-learning kit can be used for its own purpose.
  • Ideal for all age groups.
  • Added Bag, book, video tutorials for self-grooming.

  • It is only suitable for right-handed players.

7) Vault Premium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Vault EA40 Premium 41 inch Spruce-Top Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

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This model ensures both the musical experience also the aesthetics of the items. Beginners may find it easy going with a spruce body and a mahogany laminate body. Stings are pure steel made, as well a dual-action truss rod is available for neck adjustment.

The fretboard is rosewood made, number of frets 20. This product is capable of producing a thicker quality of sounds, comparing other market available products.

  • Chrome-plated diecast tuners.
  • The premium quality of wood has been used for the whole product.
  • Thicker sound chamber available.

  • No free guitar cover is given.

8) Fender Squier SA-150 Acoustic Guitar

Fender Squier SA-150 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar 0961090021

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A full-sized all-acoustic featured model is this. From the most concerning point, this becomes the bestselling product, as it produces one of the best quality of sound, at a very low range. Specification wise scalloped bracing, mahogany neck, and a dark stained Maple fingerboard is there for a smooth musical journey.

Full-bodied dreadnought is also there. It can be an ideal grab offer for the regular musicians too, especially for the entailing USA import feature.

  • All laminate furnishing.
  • An easy neck plaything.
  • Slim, less space-consuming.

  • Voltage compatibility might be an issue.

9) Hendrix 38C Acoustic Guitar

Henrix PRO 38 Inch 6 String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar-Natural

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38-inch cutaway acoustic guitar specified with diecast tuners and dual-action truss rod. Tuners are matt finish and very well laminated. Exciting guitar accessories are increasing the level of importance as a product itself, a gig bag, a strap, reusable strings, three plectrums, a String polishing microfiber cloth, just to keep the enthusiasm within the music lovers.

This is a great deal considering the pers. It’s bringing in with the accessories. Top, back, side, fretboard in all cases TBA has been widely used. All total of 18 fretboards are available; four types of organic colours are available, natural, sunburst, red burst, and black. So, the choice option is pretty flexible.

  • Humbucker configuration
  • Extra string set and string winder
  • Long tuning mode encourages long jamming sessions.
  • It can be a good deal for professional guitarists.

  • Beginners may find some difficulties.

10) Hover 215 Black Acoustic Guitar

Hovner 215 Black F-Cut Rosewood Fretboard Acoustic Guitar With Bag,Strap,1 Set of Extra Strings and 2 Picks By K-Retail

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41 inch F cut acoustic model, steel made strings, adjustable bridge, and the reinforced truss rod is also available as extra advantage customers are going to get an extra bag an additional strap.

Neither less to say, if you are looking for the most comprehensive solution when it comes to acoustic guitars, this is the one to go for. There’s nothing that can go wrong with this particular model.

  • Inbuilt to play with amplifier.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Look wise, amazing.
  • Produces good
  • quality of sound.

  • Professionals might find it armature like.

Buying Guide for Acoustic Guitars 

Guitar 1

Playing the guitar is not an entire field, which is only meant for full-time musicians; considering the global arena, the guitar has always been able to cater to some of the very basics criteria of the music industry; very basic, very minimal criteria could be met only with the help of guitars. But which acoustic guitar is proper in terms of both learning and practising music tends to become challenging?

Most of us, who want to start it from the beginning, cannot settle down with some concrete guidance that this comes as perfect guidance, so Here’s some essential guidance for all the buyers who get confused while buying and recommending to other people.


Whether or not a guitar produces good quality of sound that can only be observed from a distance. And in that case, tuning is very important; how well the model itself is responding to the tuning mechanism can be a concerning point. Also, beginners can opt for the models, which itself has an inbuilt tuning method.

Also, after going by the strings, how is the experience whether or not the player faces some trouble, that too can be included in the list. It is very difficult to isolate one model and tag it to be a good sound-producing, is a random attempt unless a few reviews you receive.

Wooden Finishing 

Mainly for guitars, spruce, mahogany, rosewood are generally used; one thing that should act as a reminder while buying that if the product is giving laminated outlook, then it will not become mature with time, but semi laminated furnishings get better with time.

Also, the wooden furnishing is being given the organic colour format, while beating on the guitar what type of sound the user is getting, whether that creates an adequate impact or not, that needs to be remembered too. Going by the authentic warranty details at the time of purchasing is a must.

The Guitar Anatomy 

A hollow wooden body, proper circular whole, nylon, or steel made strings are the basics as well as the most important key features of any guitar of this world. Once the user plug in the guitar the vibration that comes through the strings that need to be looked into, sound quality depends on all of these features.

Bodyweight and height is also important, if a basic learner is opting for the guitars, then bodyweight does make a difference since the user needs to grow the habit of carrying the guitar.


If You are buying products of a kid or somebody who wants to recapture the charm, then guitar accessories can be really helpful. A book, a demo class session, guitar cleaning stuff can bring in joy and relief. Instead of running after arbitrary knowledge, students can now settle to the properly documented versions and can pay most of their attention to that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guitar 2

1) What type of guitar is best for teenagers? 

There’s no specific detailing about teenager specific guitars, but yes, if that teenager is new in this field, then it’s preferable to opt for guitars that are selling product guidance along with it. But, if you are someone who is just starting out, the acoustic guitar is your way to go.

2) How the budget amount. Makes a big role while buying guitars? 

If somebody is aiming to learn and doesn’t have much prior knowledge, then there’s no point in exceeding the budget to some thousands. Instead, It’s wiser to buy the home-grown products and learn; for learning purposes, professional models are not required.

3) For budget constraints, which material is preferable to buy?

If you have a budget constraint, then a laminate body will work; a solid wood body generally exceeds the budget.

4) Acoustic or electronic acoustic, which works best? 

It depends on the personal preference level; if you buy electronic acoustic, then the inbuilt amplifier system advantage the user will get, just after plugging it in, but for non-electronic, a separate microphone needs to be attached as well as that needs to be carrying in everywhere the user goes.

Tips for Maintaining Guitars 

Tip 1: Tuning up guitars from an experienced technician is important; otherwise, the sound that’s being produced may lose its originality.

Tip 2: Cleaning up the guitar on a regular basis is also very important, dread skin, dust, the fungus may destroy the overall wooden construction.

Tip 3: Humidity leads up to moisture, which needs to be stopped, which breaks the adequacy level.

Tip 4: Guitars need to be appropriately placed, not only in a straight manner, but a slight side facing way needs to be adopted.

Final Takeaway 

Guitars are anyway very basic and very important instrument of any kind of music, whatever you sing, a piece of background music done by guitar can enhance the beauty of it. While buying any type of guitar, one of the prior concerns is what you are looking for, what’s Actually seeking your attraction, whether It’s about curtailing the budget or whether it’s about gaining knowledge, best deals can only be achieved when the bucket list is so on point.

Also online available articles, sites, videos, tutorials actually come in help in today’s life, whatever you do you have to be very sorted while opting for a new model. It’s a big world with varieties of products, to know more about the details. It’s better to acquire product-related knowledge at first.

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