Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Review

In this fast-paced world, having a hobby or a leisure activity is something that we cannot afford only because of the lack of time. But it is essential to find time for ourselves, and often we turn to music to find peace and relief. Some people listen to music while others play music.

For the latter group of people, a musical instrument is necessary, and that is why we often see many people want to learn how to play the guitar. Now, an electric or a bass guitar is not a convenient choice for beginners because it is not that comfortable to carry around, and the chords might be challenging to play with since there is very little space between two chords.

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An acoustic guitar is the best choice for beginners as well as young children who want to learn an instrument. It is easier to carry and simple to learn. There are so many brands in the market selling different kinds of acoustic guitars, and as such, one might feel confused about which guitar they would want to buy for their first purchase. To make this process of choosing more comfortable for you, we have reviewed an excellent guitar from a very trustworthy brand- the Cort AD810 acoustic guitar.

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar

Cort AD810-OP Acoustic Guitar, Brown

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Cort is a very renowned company that has been manufacturing guitar for almost 50 years now. It is because of their long-standing reputation that they constantly strive to produce the world’s best guitars. The company has facilities in China and Indonesia. The company’s mission is to deliver the best musical instruments to passionate and talented musicians around the globe.

The company is a real powerhouse for making the best acoustic guitars. Cort has become more popular as it caters to the needs of beginners who are looking for the best as well as affordable acoustic guitar. The Cort AD 810 is one of their best acoustic guitars from the range of guitars that they are manufacturing every year. This guitar is a dreadnought guitar and is made of mahogany, spruce, and rosewood.

Premium features of Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar


The Cort AD 810 is a 41-inch guitar, which is a reasonable size for beginners. The dreadnought guitars usually have a full-sized body. The soundbox of the Cort AD810 is almost 20 inches. The width of dreadnought guitars is usually around 5 inches, and the Cort AD810 has a width of approximately 4.6 inches, which is very close. It has a scale of about 25.6 inches (650 mm). The guitar has been made according to the standard measurements of the dreadnought guitar.

Dreadnought Guitar

This is a dreadnought guitar. One of the main advantages of a dreadnought guitar is that since the lower part of the soundbox is greater than the standard acoustic guitar and that is why the base or the lower registers are much more prominent. Dreadnought guitars are very useful as an accompaniment because if you are a singer and you want a guitar for accompaniment, then dreadnought guitars are very useful as they are beneficial in playing lower tones.


One of the essential features of an acoustic guitar is the material or wood that is used in making the body and the fretboard of the guitar. The top of the Cort AD810 is made of spruce. The back, sides, as well as neck of the guitar is made of mahogany. The bridge and fretboard of the guitar are made of rosewood. Spruce is a flexible kind of wood yet rigid, and spruce generates a blooming tone in guitars. The spruce used to make the top is laminated. Spruce gradually opens up with time, and as such, the sound quality keeps getting better with time.

Scalloped Bridge

The Cort AD810 acoustic guitar has a scalloped bridge, which means that there is a wide-angle between the bridge and the saddle. Because of this wide-angle, it produces better resonance. Because of the scalloped bridge in the Cort AD810, you need to apply a lesser amount of finger pressure, thereby minimizing finger fatigue.

Dove-Tail Neck

The Cort AD810 has a dove-tail neck or set neck joint, which means that the guitar’s neck’s tongue is fixed to the groove of the guitar’s body. There is a tight bond between the body and neck of the guitar, and this connection gives you a better hold of the guitar, and the transfer of resonance is also superior.


The price of the guitar is relatively low. It comes under Rs 10000 and is best for beginners as well as professional singers. The manufacturer also gives a decency warranty period of one year.

What We Like:

  • The tuners are die-cast, which offers you excellent tuning stability.
  • Effortless fretting because of the guitar’s medium height.
  • There is no buzzing sound on hard strumming.
  • The mahogany gives it a fine finishing.
  • The guitar has a bright and clear sound.
  • The price is lower than most dreadnaughts from other brands.
  • Spruce and mahogany make the guitar durable.

What We Dislike:

  • Higher frets are hard to play as it does not have any cut-away design.
  • It comes with no gig-bag or hard case.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) How do I keep my acoustic guitar clean?

It is recommended not to polish the guitar. You can use a damp cotton cloth to wipe the neck and the body gently. Guitar polish or wax should not be used at all. The bridge or the fingerboard area should not come in contact with moisture. It is better to avoid silicone polishes, but silicone does not cause any direct damage to the glossy finish of the guitar.

2) Where should I attach the strap?

The strap can be very easily fastened to the neck of the guitar. It does not cause any damage to the neck. The strap hole should be pre-drilled. The strap button should be installed by a thorough professional to avoid any unnecessary damage.

3) What is the length of my Cort guitar’s warranty, and how do I validate it?

The warranty period is different in every country. In most countries, it is one year, but you are recommended to check this with your distributor. The validation for your warranty is the original receipt of your purchase, as it is proof of your date of buying the guitar as well as the evidence of your purchase. The original receipt or a copy of the same must be preserved to avail of your warranty in case you need it.

Can temperature or humidity harm my Cort guitar?

Humidity changes are sometimes a danger to your guitar. High levels of humidity can cause the wood of the guitar to swell and become distorted. Even low humidity is dangerous, and as such, we advise you to keep your guitar in a room where the humidity is around 45 to 48 percent.

Concluding Words

There are a lot of other brands in the market that are spending tons on regular advertisements of their products, and as a consumer, you might be easily confused by all the attractive deals that these brands have to offer. Almost all the features would appear very similar to you, and you might end up dazed and confused. It would be best if you did not make any uninformed decisions based on some random internet searches.

The prices offered by the other brands of guitar might be appealing, but you should prioritize your search on your requirements and your criteria. If you are a beginner, you would definitely want a cheaper option but with decent quality. Cort is a renowned company as it has been dealing with manufacturing and distributing guitars for fifty years. Artists like Billy Cox, Joe Beck, Neil Zaza, etc., have collaborated with Cort to launch their own line of guitars.

The Cort AD810 acoustic guitar is one of their many products and is a result of their experience and knowledge in the field of guitar making. The AD810 will obviously be satisfactory for beginners. It is also beneficial for an electric guitar player if he/she wants to explore the beauty of acoustics without having to spend a fortune. It is also one of the best dreadnought guitars. So, we genuinely and strongly recommend the Cort AD810 acoustic guitar for guitar enthusiasts as well as beginners.

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