Fender CD60S Acoustic Guitar Review

The acoustic guitar is one of the best musical instruments for beginners to learn and for professional players to experiment with. Everyone in this fast-paced world wants to have some time for themselves, and they often turn to music for relief and respite. Some like to listen to music, and others like to play their own music. The acoustic guitar is much easier for anyone to learn quickly if you compare it to other instruments like the piano or violin. The acoustic guitar is also versatile when it comes to playing pop music or even Indian classical music.

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According to popular opinion, electric guitars are more comfortable to learn, but that is a false notion, and moreover, electric guitars are relatively heavier for beginners who are looking for something easy and comfortable. In such a case, an acoustic guitar is the best. But there are so many brands in the market, any person would be lost in the maze of musical instruments, and that is why it is beneficial to have a direction. To make this more comfortable for you, we have reviewed one of the best guitars for you- the Fender CD60S acoustic guitar.

The founder of the Fender company was Leo Fender, and it was his ambition to create such an instrument that would be easy to use and, at the same time, functional. Fender is currently the leading manufacturer of guitars. Established in 1946, Fender is an American company that has transformed and revolutionized the world of music across all genres, such as jazz, western, country, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and many more.

Most of the world’s acclaimed performers and artists, hobbyists as well as beginners have used Fender guitars, amplifiers, and other instruments. The company has become so popular that it has become more of a cultural icon. From the house of Fender comes this excellent entry-level guitar- the Fender CD60S acoustic guitar, which is suitable for both professionals and beginners who are looking for a dreadnought guitar of high quality.

Salient Features of Fender CD60S Acoustic Guitar

Size and Weight

The body length of the Fender CD60S is 41 inches, which is the standard size for a dreadnought guitar. The length of the scale of the guitar is 25.3 inches (643 mm). The radius of the fretboard is 12 inches (305 mm). The width of the nut is 1.69 inches (43 mm). All dreadnought guitars have a full-sized body. The weight of the guitar is almost 3 kilograms, which is the standard weight of a dreadnought guitar. So, it can be said that the Fender CD60S has been manufactured as per the standard measurements of dreadnought guitars.

Dreadnought Guitar 

This is an entry-level dreadnought guitar of high quality. The significant advantage of any dreadnought guitar is that the lower part of the guitar is wider than the lower part of other acoustic guitars. Lower registers are more prominent if the lower part of the guitar is wide. Dreadnought guitars serve excellently as accompaniments. For a professional guitarist, this guitar is the best choice for an accompaniment.


The guitar has a solid top, which is made of mahogany. Mahogany is an excellent kind of wood that delivers a dynamic range as well as a robust sound. Mahogany makes this guitar an ideal option for any playing style or genre. This guitar is completely made of mahogany, and this helps in producing a more robust sound with more emphasis on the midrange. The guitar is meant to last for a long time because of its solid top. With time, the quality of sound will get better as the wood ages. The edges of the fingerboard are made of rosewood. The neck of the guitar has a glossy finish, which gives the guitar a classy look.

Scalloped “X”

The bracing of the guitar is a scalloped “X,” which gives the guitar more sturdiness. The “X” bracing style on the underside of the guitar top is made by shaving off wood from the middle of the guitar’s brace. This style helps in producing a balanced voice and gives excellent stability.

Sound Quality

The solid top made of mahogany provides a dynamic range and is suitable for any style, be it strumming, flat-picking, or finger-picking. The tonewoods and craftsmanship of the guitar create balanced and very powerful sounds. The balanced tone is a result of the perfect blending of the tonewood. The midrange tones are more emphasized because of this.


The length of warranty differs from country to country, but more often, the acoustic guitars from Fender have at least a one year warranty.

What We Like:

  • It comes with a number of accessories- strap, bag, tuners, and extra strings.
  • Great value and quality for its price.
  • Excellent and suitable for all styles of playing.
  • The neck is “easy to play” and has low action, which is appropriate for beginners.
  • Great durability.

What We Dislike:

  • Some of the frets are a little buzzy.
  • Enough as a backup guitar but not great for advanced players.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) How should I clean the guitar?

Polishing the guitar or using any kind of wax or guitar polish is not recommended by experts. You can gently wipe the neck or body of the guitar using a damp cloth. The fretboard or the bridge of the guitar should not be cleaned with the guitar, as it might damage the wood of that area. Silicone polishes are generally not recommended, but there have been no cases of damage from using silicone polishes.

2) Is the guitar durable?

The body of the guitar is made of mahogany. Mahogany is an extremely durable material. The most important thing to be noted is that the guitar has a solid top. Solid tops are synonymous with durability. With the aging of the wood, the quality of sound produced keeps improving, and this lengthens the age of the guitar. Laminated tops usually do not possess this quality.

3) What should I do if the strings tear?

Extra strings are always provided with the guitar when you purchase it. Initially, you can replace the damaged strings with those. You can also find top-quality strings on online websites that are durable as well as affordable. If all the strings are already damaged, then that comes within the warranty, and you can contact the distributor and get the strings replaced without spending extra.

4) Does temperature or humidity affect acoustic guitars?

Extremely low or too high levels are equally harmful to any acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are made of different kinds of wood, and in this case, it is made of mahogany. Wood can swell and get distorted due to high humidity as well as low humidity. So, the level of humidity of the room in which the guitar is kept should be within 45 to 48 percent.

Final Verdict

Acoustic guitars are very trendy among beginners as well as professional players. So many brands in the market are aggressively and vigorously advertising their guitar models; it becomes very hard to choose the right guitar for yourself from a whirlwind of similar-looking options.

You should always purchase your guitar by prioritizing your criteria and requirements, and that is why we have provided a detailed review of one of the most high-quality dreadnought guitars, which is useful for both advanced players and beginners. The Fender CD60S acoustic guitar is manufactured by one of the most reputable and leading guitar manufacturers that is Fender. If you want a solid top within an affordable range, then the Fender CD60S acoustic guitar is the right option for you. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

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