Intern INT 38C Acoustic Guitar Review 

Guitars have now become one of those essential instruments. We cannot even think of a complete music spread without the presence of it. It has been dealing with high demands where we as viewers understand why the market value of a guitar is sky rising. Practically every music show needs some sort of background music.

Most of the time, when there is almost nothing, still a guitar can change a boring music show to a melodious tune. This transformation of music can only be done with the help of the guitar. This is Intern INT 38C Acoustic Guitar Review.

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Many times, we also see that this particular instrument went beyond the barriers of hardcore musician groups. It is true that professionally the value of guitars is increasing day by day. But it is also noticeable that out of passion and love, people are choosing it over anything. Both western and eastern music has started a new journey accompanied by various collections of guitars. Let’s make these journeys more and more musical, melodious, and lovable. Let’s be fair with your opinions. Guide more and more candidates so that they can buy the best of the products.

Intern INT 38C Guitar

Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit, With Bag, Strings, Pick And Strap, Black

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If we talk about this model, then the first thing that comes to our mind is the price. Price-wise, this is the cheapest of all. But if somebody steps back just seeing the price and starts having negative impressions regarding the sound quality, then that needs to be checked. As sound-wise, it just blows the mind. The sound is pretty perfect. Clear and bold in quality. It is good for beginners, especially kids.

Salient Features of Intern INT 38C Acoustic Guitar

Body material 

Full wood construction has been provided while making this one. Linden’s body is significant here. For the fretboard part, renowned ebony material has been used. Thirty-eight inches cutaway design not only stands out as the product but also carries forward the name itself. A polished material has come out, which generally does not come out in solid product cases. Wood framing is another highlighted part here. At this very low budget, the wooden finishing does make a difference. For other cases, glossy texture also gets highlighted here. The sunburst color comes in a very organic format.

The back area appears to be in black, while the front one gives the burst effects. Because of the whole wooden structure, in times of sound production, nothing really gets affected. The purity of sound primarily depends on the material. Here price range does not bother the overall quality of the product. That is how it seeks most of our attention to some greater extent. For fretboard material, maple wood has been used. Maple is also known for the premium quality of wooden texture. Thus apart from the body, other specifications also get settled down.


The product comes with various types of accessories. From strap to the string, everything comes in a decent format. Budget wise the satraps that are given are quite capable of carrying forward enough load. Picks are plastic made but quite okay from the user perspective. Strings are plastic made, but users do not really find great difficulties while playing the instrument. The experience of playing is smooth. Not hard on fingers.

Even at times of tuning music, this also gives a good vibe. Tuning knobs are also steel made, and the tuning experience is not harsh. While tuning, users did not have to go through much trouble. The flexibility and accessibility rate was high. A typical user-friendly outcome was prevalent. Bridges are also plastic made, but usage wise, no difference as such appeared.

Sound Quality 

It offers you premium and bold sound quality. As the tuning seems to be quite perfect, the music also turns out to be perfect. Strings are also very well to go and produce a very clear sound. It is okay for any immediate occasion to buy this particular product of this brand.

As the sound seems very clear, and no amount of junk intervention is not present here. Most of the buyers look for a balanced sound, here that also gets completed. A very balanced sound tone comes in the scene. Neither too vibrant nor too quiet. Even it does spread an appropriate version for the stage performance.

User Friendly 

First of all, the user-friendly attitude comes in through the particular price setup. Price-wise if we go through, it is the cheapest product among all. So, users who are just starting their career in this platform may find this very lucrative to fulfill the thrust. If passion for music seems too deep, then there is no point in waiting; grabbing this offer is wise. Just because the price is low does not mean they compromise with the quality.

This product entailing feature also gives a bonus point to the users by providing a very decent bag with it. The quality of the bag is quite decent. Even quite spacious. If somebody wants to fill some products within it, then also it creates quite an efficiency.

What We Like

  • Its cutaway design enables you to play the higher frets comfortably.
  • Great tone and sound.
  • Trendy plastic bridge.
  • It provides good quality of sound and functionality.
  • Ebony wood helps to produce a good quality of sound that is also highly recommendable.

What We Do Not Like

  • As the price is comparatively lower, we cannot really expect a high quality of professionalism through this product.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Guitar 2

1) Does the price range affect quality? 

No, it is a big no; the price range does not at all affect the quality. There are some companies who actually pay attention to buyers. It has been known to all that not everybody who indulges in guitar learning is a full-time musician. It may so happen it is solely a passion-driven outcome; for them, a separate category needs to be there.

A professional guitarist’s demand and freshers can never be the same. Neither do they aspire to get the same products? Hence, we cannot really expect the amount or range of the investments would look alike. If somebody is steeping back just seeing the price, they have to settle down their goals, what they want. Priorities may vary but going through the specifications is important for all the buyers.

2) Is this applicable for minors? 

Yes, they are going through the product verifications. It can be guaranteed that minors can bring joy with the guidance of this. It comes with less complicated production, less complicated process of acquiring music. It is okay if somebody who is entirely new in this field is trying to adopt the dos and don’ts is buying it.

Product details especially focus on the newcomers. Also, Focus on the financial crunch, that’s a major factor for the growing generation. They can buy it with their limited savings. And fulfill their dreams of accompanying a guitar.

3) Do the plastic frets create any difficulty? 

Not really the plastic frets do not really create any difficulty as compared to the other market available products. The size, the portion, the density all really speak for the product itself.

It is okay if somebody does not understand the mechanism at; first, the guide book is also available with the product. So, while understanding the process, buyers are not ideally going to face any trouble, neither are they going to face trouble while using.

Final Takeaway 

This product outgrows the unified concept of guitars. Previously we all were made to Believe that guitars are expensive, it needs time and proficiency. But considering this product, we can very well assume that such myths do not really come to be true these days. And intern the ideal example of the statement itself. All affordable price with a pretty decent setup and that to make available to all the customers is a big deal.

Catering all the dimensions of demands and serving that in a pretty nice way is a good distribution of both efforts. Behind producing these products, many thoughts got compiled, so nobody will literally want to serve the worst product ever. Before setting the price range, both the elements of the price and a presentable outlook were there in their thought. The motive was to present something that can go everywhere—both on stage and off the stage.  This is Where the product wins over others and creates a suitable position. Music lovers should make a try, and should also recommend others. So, choose the one that works best for you and you are always good to go.

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