JUAREZ JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar Review

What is the only thing that, no matter what, always sticks to our side? What is the only thing that can escalate our mood that can make us feel sad or empty or make us face emotions which we may never have been experienced before? I think the answer is pretty prevalent – it is music. Music is the only thing in the world that has the power to move our hearts. Music has no language; it appeals to everyone and anyone from a child to an older person. Therefore, the urge to learn music these days is much over the top.

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Music speaks the heart, and the young generation always wants to voice their opinions. Thus, music becomes their primary source of outbursts. The word music comes from the Greek word “Muse”, which refers to the arts’ inspirational goddesses.

The highest form of art is music, and it takes its place above all forms of art. Music reduces stress, blood pressure, and easies your body, and gives relaxation to your body. Thus, if you plan to be a part of this cure and look for the most preferred and widely used musical instrument used by both beginners and professionals – the acoustic guitar, you have made the right choice to begin your journey.

JUAREZ JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar Review

Acoustic guitars are the best choice because the vibrations of an acoustic guitar flow through your entire body and make you feel the music to every depth. They can be used to play any genre of music. You can play any genre of music depending upon your mood (mood being one of the most contributing factors. You never know when you will have the urge to dance and when to let your body flow into despair music!). This article will guide you through one of those acoustic guitars- the Juarez JRZ38C Right-Handed Guitar.

JUAREZ JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

Juarez Acoustic Guitar Kit, 38 Inch Cutaway, 38C with Bag, Strings, Pick and Strap, 3TS Sunburst

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Acoustic guitars are string fretted instruments that have been in the popular light from time unprecedented. Acoustic guitars have found their places in masterpiece albums like the “Hotel California” by The Eagles. Famous artists like Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan have used acoustic guitars to a great extent and are often found in their songs.

Thus, acoustic guitars have a special place in the heart of the musical world. Moreover, acoustic guitars are easier to use and can be carried around easily everywhere. The sound produced is also ideal and can be used with amplifiers in case of a bigger audience. Beginners and novices prefer these guitars the most. Let us look through the characteristics of this specific guitar.

Salient Features of JUAREZ JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar


This is designed in the concert-style with the cutaway contour style, which makes the holding of holding easier and leads to more excellent playing skills. This product’s dimensions are 96 cm x 43 cm x 12 cm, which is neither too big nor too small, making it accurate to be easily carried around.


This product is steel-stringed. The steel strings provide a bright, crispy tone and produce a much louder and more emphatic sound. Moreover, steel strings allow the production of different genres of music, which serves the purpose of a good guitar. Therefore, this is the ideal choice.

Body material

The front and back of this guitar are made of Blackwood. Blackwood is known for its smooth, perfect finish. It has good workability and glues well; thus, there is no fear of the guitar’s body wearing off with time. The black wood keeps the quality intact and is also a hardwood and has durability.


The action strings are lower, which reduces hand fatigue, and makes it easier to be played, ideal for beginners. It can also be a factor for building their hand strength. Extra strings are included for beginners so that the playing time can be extended.


The fretboard material is ebony, which gives a sleek feel and is more comfortable for the hands to move along the strings. The ebony-wood is also durable and lasts for a long time, and is not prone to wearing off.


There is a one year warranty offered by this product along with a ten days replacement policy.

What We Liked:

  • Pivotal, smooth tuning pegs make it easier to tune.
  • Solid topped wood gives the best sound to all genres.
  • This product comes along with a strap, bag, strings, and two picks.
  • The sunburst provides a visually appealing look.

What We Disliked:

  • The weight of two kilograms is more massive than ideal.
  • The 38 inch is an ideal size for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Are the guitars tuned when they are delivered?

The tuning of the guitar totally depends upon the person using the guitar and the genre and the tone of the music that will be played. There are no guitars that come in tune; they all have to be tuned when they bought a home or while playing. The strings, although, are attached, and the fret is organized. You only have to adjust the tuning peg.

2) How is the action of the guitar?

The action of this guitar is medium. However, to beginners, it might seem that the action is slightly higher than the desired. This is because of the string tension of the guitar, which is adjusted for higher activity, which is suitable for professional players. It might cause problems for the learners as they need hand adjustment, and higher action may be misbalanced for them.

3) How can I hang the guitar around my neck?

Guitars can be hanged around with the help of the neck belts, which are suspended from the head notch. It is generally used by people who prefer playing and singing while standing. The strap attached to the head notch can be hanged around the neck. This product comes with a head notch and neck belt, and therefore you can use to hang the guitar.

4) Are acoustic guitars better than semi-acoustic guitars?

Semi-acoustic guitars are electric-based and consequentially produce more sound than acoustic guitars. They are used in larger concerts in front of a bigger and more massive crowd because of the amplified sound. But, acoustic guitars can also be used and are, in fact, used in concerts by connecting them to the amplifier. It totally depends on the choice of the user.

Final Takeaway

This product is much prescribed for the beginners, the style and design in unique ways only for them. It has hardwoods and will last longer than other products. The sleek finishing that comes from the Blackwood and also the looks of the guitar from the same is important, which contributes to its preference.

It can also be amplified, and the sound can be increased, hence making it the perfect choice. There is no reason to oppose this choice, and you can very much go ahead and trust this guitar.

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