Yamaha C40ii Linden Wood Classical Guitar Review

While growing up, we have many dreams and aspirations, including some unrealistic ones, according to our elders. But our generation is known for following their hearts into fields which may never have been considered by our parents as something to look up to. Among our generation, nerve following knack has been the world of artistry. Be it, dancers, singers, music producers, actors – the world of art is acknowledged the most in today’s Gen Z. we follow our hearts no matter what the hurdle might be. We are reviewing Yamaha C40ii guitar.

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Music is the most celebrated and widely known form of art; it has the power to break barriers of language, customs, and nations and bring together people from all over the world. It feels so unreal when we come to think of it that the mere sounds coming out from various instruments have the power to move our hearts to such extends that they make our hearts ache as well as fill it with so much joy.

Therefore, the urge to create music, to be able to be a part of it, to be able to affect millions and millions of souls is too much to endure. And we are honestly speaking, if being a little greedy over something which can be resourceful to many others and not just you, where’s the harm?

Music is healing, and if you are up for learning it, then, by all means, don’t let anything stop you from doing so. If you’re a beginner, then learning through the more comfortable instrument is recommended like a Classical guitar (forgive me for calling Classical Guitar, the easier ones, I don’t want to scare my readers off.

Sir Julian Bream, Sir John Williams I am all into music because of you gods, do reconsider me!). Keeping that in mind, let me now quickly walk you through one of the recommended Classical Guitars- Yamaha C40 Linden Wood Classical Guitar. Sit tight; here comes the detailed review!

Yamaha C40ii Classical Guitar

Yamaha C-40 Fullsized Classic Guitar With Gloss Finish

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Choosing a guitar by tallying which one is better can never be the solution. It always depends on the kind of bass or loudness you prefer or simply the type of Guitar which attracts you the most. But if you’re a beginner, then Acoustic Guitars or the Classical Guitars always beats to the top. This is mainly because of the easy use of the strings, its light-weighted properties, and of course, the fact the sound is moderate and considerate of the amateur ears.

Moreover, classical guitars are like an asset that are handed over from generation after generation of classical and iconic guitarists. Classical guitars are the first choice of the veterans of the music world; if you go about a guitar shop which has been running for more than a decade, then there’s a 9/10 chance that the owner would recommend you a classical guitar. That is how much they are appreciated and loved. Therefore, if you’re buying a Classical Guitar or planning to buy one, don’t waver; it is the best choice. In this review, we will discuss the properties of the Yamaha C40ii Linden Wood Classical Guitar.

Salient Features of Yamaha C40ii Classical Guitar


The Yamaha C40ii Linden Wood Classical Guitar is 100 x 37 x 11 cm in dimensions, which falls into an ideal dimension type for classical guitars, which are generally used by beginners. A lot of room for resting your hands! Also, it only weighs 1.5kgs, and you can carry can anywhere you want without worrying about the load.

String Material

The strings are made up of both Nylon and Steel, making it the best possible choice for beginners because it does not hurt the hand. Nylon strings don’t damage the fingers while playing, unlike the steel strings. Therefore, even if the steel strings hurt your fingers a little, the nylon strings are there to comfort you!


The first three strings are made up of Nylon and the other three of Steel, therefore the sound is a bit mellower and more soothing to the ears.


The price of this classical guitar range is between 12k-13k making it a cost-effective instrument that delivers outstanding performance. The reasonable price makes it more reliable, given the quality of the product.

Fret Sprouts

One of the most important factors while buying a classical guitar is that it should be free of fret sprouts. Suppose a minimal amount of them can result in a gradual decrease in the quality of the Guitar. This product has precise fret positioning implying that there are no chances of sprouts, and you have to move your hand along the Guitar fearlessly.


The traditional action on a classical guitar is around 4mm at the end of the sixth string and 3.5mm at the first string, which is the exact design of the – Yamaha C40ii Linden Wood Classical Guitar. It, therefore, produces the best possible sound in the field of classical Guitars.

Saddle and Break Angle

There is enough saddle cover, which assures the fact that even after the usage for a long time, there will be any wearing off. The break angle is made in such a manner that it provides adequate pressure on the saddle.


The tuners are uniform and do not cause any jump movements. It is efficient in adjusting the strings without any perceptible jump sensation, therefore giving a coherent tune to your liking.


The intonation is roughly the accurate one and can be tuned according to the needs. There is nothing as perfect intonation, but a rough estimate of good and better can be made. This has good intonation. The octave is excellent and accurate.

What We Like:

  • The well-cut nut makes the finest possible sound.
  • It is full-sized, making it ideal for beginners.
  • The dovetail neckband lets the music flow all the way through the Guitar to your whole body.
  • The contorted neck offers good hand positioning and comfort.
  • The combination of Spruce, Meranti, and Rosewood as tonewood makes it the finest.
  • The 22.8 scale length makes it more ideal.
  • The bass is moderate and accurate for beginners and classical songs.

What We Dislike:

  • The power and volume are much lower owing to the use of numerous tonewoods.
  • The nylon strings need repeated tuning.
  • The bulky design sometimes leads to misbalance.
  • Not ideal for playing this generation pop music.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Is Meranti wood used well for the toning?

Meranti is a lower costing timber, but it is preferably used for strengthening than for toning. The other tonewoods used, such as the rosewood, nato, and spruce, are the woods contributing to the tone of the Guitar. The rosewood provides a warmer, softer tone, spruce contributes to a mellow and bright sound due to the absorbed rainwater, and the nato provides a traditional and much-needed tone for the Classical Guitar.

2) Is it only a right-hand guitar?

Conventionally speaking, there is no such thing as right-handed or left-handed guitars. But yes, the guitars generally have the fret and strings according to the likeness of a right-handed person. That does not mean it can only be used by a right-handed person. The fret and the strings can be altered to the opposite configuration and be easily made into a left-handed guitar.

3) Can we do both picking and strumming in this Guitar like Acoustic Guitars?

Acoustic guitars are the best known for picking and strumming, but classical guitars can also do the same. The same thing can be done with a classical guitar; there is no exception. There is no difference between the two in this case.

4) Is the sound produced loud enough?

The sound produced by classical guitars can be described in many words like – bright, crispy, warm, fuzzy, and heartwarming. The tonal quality of a guitar has nothing to do with the loudness of the sound. Even though, to answer the question, the loudness of the sound depends upon the perceiving of the player. It is loud enough, but not as loud as an electric guitar.

5) What is the string tension in this Guitar?

The string tension depends on the product of the scale length, the pitch to which the string has been turned up to, and the mass of the string. The string tension is, therefore, made standard in this product. You can adjust the pressure according to your own needs.

The Bottom Line

For ages, guitars have been the most sought out instruments. The kind of rush a guitar provides is incomparable. From Giovanni Paolo Foscarini (c.1600-1647) to Xuefei Yang, classical guitars have a different type of charisma among music lovers. Even though some might argue that the sound produced is much mellower and lower in the bass, one cannot argue over the fact the sound coming out from these guitars vibrate and hum through every part of your body.

The Yamaha C40ii Linden Wood Classical Guitar is one of the finest of its kind and widely recommended by music veterans and even universities. It has won many awards and frankly speaking, it is worth the money. Ranging from the fretboard to the most delicate ends, the quality of tonewood and the quality tuning gearing makes it one of the best choices in the field of Classical guitars. There is no absolute reason to have grudges against this product and is highly recommended.

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