Yamaha FS 100C Acoustic Guitar Review

This post is review of Yamaha FS 100C Acoustic Guitar. One of the most enjoyable ways to spend your leisure time is to have a hobby you can get back to when you are not working or studying. People often choose music as the simplest way to pass their leisure time and refresh their minds before getting back to day-to-day work. Acoustic guitars are undoubtedly the best companion for an extended vacation in the hills or a campfire in some distant and quiet forest.

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And for an acoustic guitar to be your musical companion on vacations or trips, you do not have to be a professional guitarist. Learning the basics will do the trick. Budget-friendly and decent quality guitars are the right choices for beginners and for advanced players. Such guitars can be an excellent accompaniment. It takes very little time to learn how to play the guitar with the “right” guitar, but the “wrong” guitar can complicate the learning process.

Finding the right guitar might be a challenging task as there are so many options in the market to choose from, and it is easy to get confused and discouraged. To make this process simple for you, we have provided a detailed review of one of the best among budget acoustic guitars from a well-known company- the Yamaha FS – 100C Acoustic guitar.

Yamaha FS 100C Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FS-100C,Natural 6-String Acoustic Guitar Along with Blueberry Cover Bag

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The Yamaha Music India company was established in 2008 in Gurgaon, Haryana. Yamaha runs a group of companies, and Yamaha Music offers a line of audiovisual and pro audio equipment as well as several musical instruments. They manufacture pianos, drums, keyboard instruments, synthesizers, percussions, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, etc. Yamaha is an extremely reputable company.

The Yamaha FS-100C acoustic guitar is a part of the FS series, which is an alternative to the even bigger FG series. It is a folk guitar, and its sweet, smooth, precise, and focused tone makes it a fantastic choice for fingerpicking as well as recording. The FS-100C has the same design, quality, and sound as all the other Yamaha acoustic guitars and is very affordable.

Salient Features of Yamaha FS 100C Acoustic Guitar Review

Size and Weight

The dimensions of a guitar is an essential factor as it determines the playability of the guitar. And if you own a musical instrument and intend to learn it, you should know everything about your device, including its dimensions. The length of the Yamaha FS- 100C acoustic guitar is 40 inches. The body length of the guitar is 497 mm, and the width of the guitar is around 4.3 inches. The scale length is the length of the string of the guitar, which vibrates. It is also the distance between the nut and the saddle. The scale length of this guitar is 25 inches (634 mm). The nut width of the Yamaha FS-100C is 1.6 inches (43 mm). The guitar weighs about 3.2 kilograms.


The top of the guitar is made of laminated spruce, which means the outer part is made of spruce and the inner part is laminated. It is not a solid top. The back, as well as sides of the guitar, is made of mahogany. Mahogany delivers a robust sound that has more emphasis on the midrange. The neck of the guitar is made of Nato, which is a cheaper form of mahogany. The bridge and the fretboard of the Yamaha FS-100C are made of rosewood. Most of the fretboards are made of rosewood because of its rich and warm tones. The sound plate has a glossy finish, and the back and sides have a matte finish.

Cutaway Shape

The Yamaha FS-100C acoustic guitar has a cutaway shape. The cutaway body is handy for those players who want to play the higher frets. If the guitar lacks a cutaway design, then it becomes challenging to play the higher frets. So, a cutaway design is helpful for beginners who want to play the instrument with maximum comfort. If your playing style includes a lot of fingerwork high up the guitar’s neck, then the cutaway shape will be useful for you.

Sound Quality

The Yamaha FS-100C acoustic guitar is medium in its size. Thus, it will be different from other guitars in its sound quality. The guitar has midrange tones, which means bass and treble will sound more even. This guitar is the right choice for a smooth, accurate, and concentrated tone for fingerpicking or recording.


There are a lot of guitar brands in the market, but due to its brand reputation and popularity, the Yamaha FS-100C acoustic guitar stands out. The guitar is very affordable. Beginners and even seasoned players can use it. For some extra bucks, you will also get a top-quality bag and an E-book from Bajaao.


You get a one year warranty on any manufacturing defect.

What Do We Like:

  • The fretboard is made of rosewood, which is quality material.
  • The guitar has a cutaway design, which makes it easier to reach higher frets.
  • Reputable and famous brand.
  • Mid-range tones can be played because of its medium size.
  • Relatively lower in its cost than other acoustic guitars.
  • The sound quality is also excellent.

What Do We Dislike:

  • Other accessories or bags have to be purchased separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Can I customize the guitar according to my personal needs?

Yes, you can have your guitar customized as per your needs. Yamaha makes sure that they discuss everything with their customers to find out what will be suitable for them before making any changes, adding different strings, etc. They also describe the pros and cons of different kinds of strings before you choose one.

2) How long is the warranty period for this guitar? How do I validate my warranty?

You get a one year warranty period on any manufacturing defect from Yamaha. Almost all Yamaha guitars have a one-year warranty period, although this might differ based on the type of guitar you buy. Validation of your warranty is not a tough thing. You must retain the original receipt of your purchase. Even a copy of the original receipt will do, as the receipt is the proof of your purchase as well as the proof of the date you have purchased your guitar.

3) If I customize my guitar, will that invalidate my warranty?

No. If you simply want to adjust the truss rod, then that comes under the warranty period because Yamaha intends to instruct and set up the new guitar before it leaves their showroom. Even fitting new strings falls under the warranty period. If you want to replace the old saddle with a new one, the store will just fit the new saddle and give you back the old saddle and the old strings in case you would want your guitar to be restored to its original state someday.

4) Is it safer to buy the guitar from a physical store than buying it online?

That is not a rule. Nowadays, both physical stores, as well as online websites, provide customers with good deals. Moreover, the Yamaha guitars sold online are all genuine. If you feel that you have not been given a genuine product by the online store, you can return the guitar and get a full refund. The warranty periods, as well as other accessories, remain the same across all shopping platforms.

Final Verdict

Acoustic guitars are affordable as well as easy for beginners who want to learn a new instrument to spend their leisure time as well as for professionals and advanced players who are looking for high quality but travel-friendly guitars. There are hundreds of brands selling different models of acoustic guitars and claim that their product is genuine through aggressive advancement and huge discounts.

You should always prioritize your comfort, your needs, budget, and your requirements before making any purchase. An expensive guitar is not guaranteed to be a good guitar. Affordable guitars may sometimes last a lifetime, and that is why we have provided a detailed review of the Yamaha FS-100C acoustic guitar for you because this guitar comes from a line of quality guitars manufactured by the famous Yamaha company. This guitar is one of the best acoustic guitars available in the market and is perfect for advanced players as well as beginners.

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